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    Mechanics, please be sure you are checking in with the local when you start a new job.

    Action Center


    IUEC Local 1, New York, NY                                    www.localoneiuec.com  

    IUEC Local 2, Chicago, IL                                        www.iuec2.org

    IUEC Local 3, St. Louis, MO                                    www.iueclocal3.org

    IUEC Local 4, Boston, MA                                        www.iueclocal4.com

    IUEC Local 5, Philadelphia, PA                                 www.iuec5.com

    IUEC Local 6, Pittsburgh, PA

    IUEC Local 7, Baltimore, MD                                    www.iuec7.com

    IUEC Local 8, San Francisco, CA                            www.iuec8.org

    IUEC Local 9, Minneapolis, MN                                 www.local9.com

    IUEC Local 10, Washington, DC                              www.iueclocal10.org

    IUEC Local 11, Cincinnati, OH

    IUEC Local 12, Kansas City, MO                              www.iuec12.com

    IUEC Local 14, Buffalo, NY                                       www.buffalotrades.com

    IUEC Local 15, Milwaukee, WI         

    IUEC Local 16, New Orleans, LA

    IUEC Local 17, Cleveland, OH

    IUEC Local 18, Los Angeles, CA                               www.iueclocal18.com

    IUEC Local 19, Seattle, WA                                       www.iuec19.org

    IUEC Local 20, Louisville, KY

    IUEC Local 21, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX                       www.iueclocal21.org

    IUEC Local 23, Portland, OR                                     www.iueclocal23.org

    IUEC Local 24, Birmingham, AL                               

    IUEC Local 25, Denver, CO                                       www.iuec25.org

    IUEC Local 27, Rochester, NY

    IUEC Local 28, Omaha, Lincoln NE

    & Council Bluffs, IA   

    IUEC Local 30, Memphis, TN                                     www.iueclocal30.com

    IUEC Local 32, Atlanta, GA                                        www.iueclocal32.com

    IUEC Local 33, Des Moines, IA                                  www.iuec33.com

    IUEC Local 34, Indianapolis, IN                                  www.iuec34.org

    IUEC Local 35, Albany, NY                           

    IUEC Local 36, Detroit, MI

    IUEC Local 37, Columbus, OH

    IUEC Local 38, Salt Lake City, UT

    IUEC Local 39, Providence, RI

    IUEC Local 41, Springfield, MA

    IUEC Local 44, Toledo, OH

    IUEC Local 45, Akron, OH                                            www.iuec45.org

    IUEC Local 48, Charleston, WV

    IUEC Local 49, Jacksonville, FL                                   www.iuec49.org

    IUEC Local 50, Toronto, ON, Canada                          www.iuec50.org

    IUEC Local 51, Richmond, VA

    IUEC Local 52, Norfolk, VA

    IUEC Local 55, Peoria/Springfield, IL

    IUEC Local 59, Harrisburg, PA

    IUEC Local 62, Syracuse, NY

    IUEC Local 63, Oklahoma City, OK

    IUEC Local 71, Miami, FL                                            www.iuec71.org

    IUEC Local 74, Tampa, FL                                          www.iueclocal74.com

    IUEC Local 79, Little Rock, AR

    IUEC Local 80, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC

    IUEC Local 81, San Antonio, TX

    IUEC Local 92, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    IUEC Local 83, Tulsa, OK

    IUEC Local 84, Reading-Scranton, PA

    IUEC Local 85, Lansing, MI                                           www.iuec85.org

    IUEC Local 89, Montreal, PQ, Canada                         www.iueclocal89.org

    IUEC Local 90, Hamilton, OH, Canada

    IUEC  Local 91, New Haven, CT

    IUEC Local 93, Nashville, TN                                        www.iueclocal93.org

    IUEC Local 96, Ottawa, ON, Canada

    IUEC Local101, Quebec, Canada

    IUEC Local 102, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    IUEC Local 122, Edmonton, AB, Canada

    IUEC Local 124, Mobile, AL

    IUEC Local 125, Halifax, NS, Saint John, NB Canada

    IUEC Local 125A, St. John's, NFLD & Labrador, Canada

    IUEC Local 126, Honolulu, HI                                             www.iuec126.org

    IUEC Local 130, Calgary, AB, Canada                              www.iuec130.ca

    IUEC Local 131, Albuquerque, NM

    IUEC Local 132, Madison, WI

    IUEC Local 133, Austin, TX

    IUEC Local 135, Charlotte, NC                                           www.iueclocal135.org

    IUEC Local 138, Poughkeepsie, NY             

    IUEC Local 139, Orlando, FL                                              www.iueclocal139.org

    IUEC Local 140, Phoenix/Tucson, AZ

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