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    Action Center

  • Political Action

    Political Action

    National Elevator Constructors Political Action Committee

    The IUEC recognizes that political involvement is essential to our efforts to protect our members, promote our work and elevate the Labor Movement. Workers’ voices need to be heard and as the guardian of workers’ rights, it is the job of our International Union to fight on our members’ behalf in the halls of government. To that end, the IUEC created the National Elevator Industry Political Action Committee (NECPAC) to provide the necessary funding to give our union a seat at the table with our elected leaders.

    Since it is prohibited on the Federal level and on many state levels to use members’ dues to make political contributions, the NECPAC is an effective vehicle to collect voluntary political donations from our members who wish to further support the IUEC’s political efforts. The NECPAC funds are used to support the candidacy of labor-friendly politicians, regardless of party affiliation; political campaigns that are in support of or in opposition to legislation that could have an impact on labor; or other political efforts that require labor’s attention.  The funds collected through the NECPAC are used on the federal, state and local levels at the request of our union leadership and local unions.

    To arrange for a contribution to be made to a candidate or cause, or to make a one-time contribution to the NECPAC, please ask your Local Union to contact the NECPAC at 410-953-6150 or via email at contact@iuec.org.

    NECPAC Voluntary Checkoff

    Members wishing to make regular contributions to our NECPAC may now do so through their paycheck via voluntary check-off, which was recently negotiated with our employers at our last contract negotiations.

    Employees may fill out a voluntary check-off authorization card indicating a specific amount to be deducted from his or her paycheck for each hour work to be donated to the NECPAC. The employers then submit the money deducted from their employees’ paychecks, along with a complete list of names of those who have donated and the amount they have agreed to, to the IUEC by the 15th day of each month. An employee may cancel their voluntary check-off at any time by submitting a request in writing to the union and the employer. The deduction will be stopped no later than 21 days from the close of the next payroll period.

    To make a voluntary NECPAC check-off contribution, please fill out this form and submit it to your employer.

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